Photographer and social entrepreneur Agne Montrimaite has started to take pictures with her compact Canon camera at the early age of thirteen. For many years she had indulged herself in different genres and techniques of this art but never considered photography as a future career. It was not until she left her hometown Kaunas (Lithuania) to study Events Management and International Business in London that her passion turned into a full-scale business affair.


I began taking pictures as a hobby at the age of thirteen, but never took it seriously. As I grew older, I had many sleepless nights and thoughts of what I am to do with life and came to a realisation that it is more real than ever –  I am responsible for my future. I was, as many students, breaking my back, working in restaurants to pay for my studies when I accidentally got back into photography. I found my dusty old camera in the storage and started taking pictures again. Suddenly, that simple and mundane moment of capturing the light through the lens took a whole new meaning to me. It was the moment of truth – photography changes lives, and it has just changed mine.

Initially, I started working as a food photographer. At the time, it was convenient to me because I was working in the catering industry. Eventually, experimentation with other subjects followed. I started photographing people, interior design and covering events. I wanted to learn as much as possible so I took an advantage of every opportunity. Little by little, I got commissions from various start-ups and individuals, which was really exciting. That was the moment when I got into commercial photography – an opportunity that every beginner so treasures – being paid for doing stuff you love. After a year of playing with my camera and experimenting, I realised that photography is my bread and butter, the stuff that my dreams are made of. 


I want to travel, educate myself, and help other people. This makes me happy.